Keeping it Simple

Cats and humans can agree on at least two things. We hate being bored and we hate dealing with crap that won’t go away. So when it comes to playtime with your cat and the potty breaks in between, you’re both at risk of running into a few problems—but PetSafe’s here to help. No matter the problem, you can leave it to PetSafe to have a solution that brings you and your pet closer together.

Laser toys make things exciting, and ScoopFree makes crap go away.

Showing How it Works in a Memorable Way

To further support ScoopFree and combat the audience’s uncertainty around how the self-cleaning litter box actually works, we created a series of demonstrative social media posts that made all kinds of “crap” go away. As paid posts, these videos became a key integration for what was PetSafe’s most successful campaign to date.

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