“F” is for Friends.

It’s about more than being friendly though.

To us, true friends are the ones who push you, poke you, cheer you, challenge you, make you laugh until you cry, and completely blow your mind. They don’t talk you off the high dive because they’re already swimming in the water at the bottom. That’s us—the true friends you need to do the most exciting work of your life.




Year Founded


Voted one of Nashville’s top places to work

Since 1978

We want to work with ambitious brands that share our passion for taking their business to the next level.

Our Core Values






Take Chances.

Be brave. For yourself, your team, and the audience.

A man with a bird on his shoulder

Stay Curious.

Be a student of the game. Push yourself to know more about everything.

gs&f working with whiteboard

Earn Trust.

Act with integrity. Be transparent and real. Follow the golden rule.

earn trust poster on wall

Have Fun.

Don’t take yourself or the work too seriously. Laugh often.

two gs&f employees at a party

Never Settle.

Choose greatness together. Always resist mediocrity.

smiling gs&f employee sitting at table

Let’s Have a Friday.

What started as the closing remark to our weekly Friday morning gathering has quickly become one of our new agency mantras. “Let’s have a Friday” is our way of toasting the past week’s accomplishments as well as the weekend ahead. We work hard for our hard seltzers!

Amper Socks
Costume Contest
Preds Proud
Great Flag
Costume Catwalk
Skeleton Crew
Corn Hole
Company Meeting
Office Culture
A group of GS&F employees at Friends Day

Friends Day

Our annual Friends Day is our most celebrated day of the year. Full of hot dogs, superlatives and friendly competition, this day is our way of reminding each other that we’re more than coworkers. We’re true friends who will always have each other’s backs and love a good laugh.
a GS&F employee giving a speech with a megaphone

Hard Refresh

Every so often we like to step away from the laptops and come together somewhere “off campus” for what we call a Hard Refresh. These are exciting little adventures where we all go learn about each other through unexpected activities, like an improv comedy class—real bonding stuff.
A group of gs&f employees at a company party


We believe it takes great leaders to build a great team. Our quarterly Amplify outings bring everyone in a managerial position together for candid discussions around what we’re doing well and how we can improve. It’s our way of ensuring every manager is prepared to lead.
A GS&F employee placing a can into a bag

Giving, Sharing & Friends

We’re always looking for new ways to give back to our community. In an effort to help each other grow as humans in ways that go beyond our work, we push one another to participate in special “Giving, Sharing & Friendship” opportunities throughout the year.
Our History
The founders of GS&F

We’re in this together.

Since day one—when founders Dale Gish and Hank Sherwood decided to “take the plunge”—through the 90’s, when Jeff Lipscomb and Roland Gibbons stepped in as our fearless leaders and owners—and today, as a fully integrated agency of 100 and counting—we’ve always aspired to set ourselves apart with one simple defining thought: Friends bring out the best in each other.