Raising Expectations for Expecting Mothers in Tennessee

Raising Expectations for Expecting Mothers in Tennessee

UT Medical Center offers more board-certified doctors than any other hospital in the region as well as a Magnet-recognized nursing staff and Level III NICU. Even so, many expecting mothers didn’t perceive the hospital to be a “baby hospital.” To correct the false perceptions, we started a conversation around the miracle of childbirth with UT Medical Center at the heart of it all.


Strategic Planning

Creative Development

Social Media

Tapping into Reality

We met with mothers from all walks of life to hear their birth stories. Some experienced births without any major complications. Others faced difficulties that called for true medical miracles. It was when we brought all their stories together that we were able to understand the bigger story at hand.

Every birth story is unique, so expecting mothers need the peace of mind of knowing their hospital is ready for anything.

Giving Moms an Honest Voice

We captured the testimonials of real mothers to give expecting mothers a glimpse into the true emotions that come with every birth story. The video we produced gave families comfort in a time of overwhelming confusion and stress and showed that UT Medical Center offers a personal touch that makes childbirth the beautiful experience it’s meant to be.

Opening the Conversation

The response was overwhelmingly positive, as more birth stories began pouring in—each unique to the mother telling it. The campaign gave mothers and expecting mothers alike a platform to speak their minds honestly, support one another, and shed light on the true emotions that come with having a child—and UT Medical Center was the hospital that made it all possible.