Letting Every NFL Fan Know This Is Bridgestone’s House

Letting Every NFL Fan Know This Is Bridgestone’s House

When Nashville was chosen to host the 2019 NFL Draft, Bridgestone saw an opportunity to remind fans everywhere that Bridgestone was the Official Tire of the NFL. To ensure they got noticed amongst the 600,000 attendees and the airtight media schedule, we partnered with a Nashville legend and two former superstars to pull a stunt on the red carpet that couldn’t be ignored.



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Bedazzled Suits

Partnering with Manuel

We partnered with world-renowned designer and Nashville native Manuel Cuevas to make branded suits for the superstars. Manuel was already known for creating iconic looks for Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley—the list goes on and on—and now, for the first time, his designs would bedazzle the NFL Draft red carpet. Teaser videos built anticipation for the stunt with inside looks at the process.

The NFL Draft’s red carpet coverage is about more than football—it’s also about fashion statements.

Stealing the Show

Giving a Bridgestone-worthy clutch performance, Williams and Wilfork strutted down the red carpet dressed to the nines in their Bridgestone-branded Manuel suits—and the media couldn’t get enough of it. The duo was mentioned with accompanying photographs in every “best dressed” article out there, with coverage by top-tier publications like Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, Barstool Sports and more.

Raising Awareness on Broadway

In addition to the red carpet stunt, we made sure anyone who attended the draft knew Music City was the Official Tire of the NFL’s city—Bridgestone’s city. The town was painted with “picks” to represent every team and fan. And once the draft clock got ticking, special guests and players gathered around at the “Clutch Performance Lounge” for an exclusive draft party featuring rooftop views and “clutch cocktails.”