Breaking All the Salad Rules with a Fresh Rebrand

Breaking All the Salad Rules with a Fresh Rebrand

Salata Salad Kitchen is a built-to-order salad chain that gives you the freedom to fuel the life you want to live. To establish brand consistency, improve franchise growth and increase market share, we launched a fully integrated campaign that celebrated individuality with a fresh and exciting way to salad.


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Realizing the Opportunity

Salad had a bad wrap. People viewed it as a restrictive and unfulfilling meal. It was diet food—consumed only by Instagram models and rabbits. Clean eating at its boringest. And anyone looking for a fun, judge-free meal was heading to a burger joint or taco truck.

Why should burger joints get to have all the fun?

Making Salad Fun for Once

At Salata, you get to build your salad just the way you want it—and with over 50 toppings to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

This isn’t salad how it’s supposed to be; it’s salad how you feel.

Letting Clean Eating Get a Little Messy

Rather than treating salads like every other salad restaurant, we took a more unexpected approach by showcasing individual toppings outside the bowl. We paired fresh toppings with playful and inclusive messages that encouraged guests to fuel their lives with whatever salad toppings they were feeling at the time.

Introducing the New Brand on Social

Our approach on social media was—in one word—unexpected. We wanted to show guests how salad could fit into their unique lifestyles by embracing salad’s true colors. So we amped up the energy with a bold and vibrant look and feel featuring individuals living their best lives with salad.

Giving Users Clean and Clear Direction

We rebuilt and relaunched the Salata website to integrate an entire new tech suite, which included online ordering, delivery, and a loyalty app. The website’s UX design introduced users to the fresh brand look and feel with a clear navigation and exciting “salad how you feel” messaging from start to finish.

Content Beyond the Launch

The best part of it all: we still get to salad with Salata every day.