Building an Authentic Relationship with Country Music Fans

Building an Authentic Relationship with Country Music Fans

Firestone has been a committed fan and supporter of country music for many years now. To further support the music and connect with the Firestone audience through their shared passion for country, we partnered with a local luthier to build the first and only Firestone guitar.


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Crafting an Authentic Connection

To prove Firestone’s commitment to country music, we wanted to do more than tell the audience Firestone supported it. We wanted to show fans Firestone’s passion for country in a creative and genuine way. The goal was to connect with the audience while nodding to the hands-on, hardworking nature of Firestone.

We discovered that custom guitars are made with the same passion and ingenuity as Firestone tires.

Building a Great Guitar

We partnered with luthier Dave Johnson, a man known in the biz for his handcrafted guitars, to build a one-of-a-kind Firestone-red electric. And seeing as all great guitars need a great name, we named the guitar after a very special lady. She was a songwriter, composer and Harvey Firestone’s wife. Her name was Idabelle.

Sharing the Build

The entire building process was shared online, letting Firestone fans discover that they share a deeper connection with the tire brand—a love for country music. It gave artists and fans alike a new reason to sing along with Firestone.

Sending Idabelle on the Road

Firestone’s new guitar accompanied the brand’s Destination Country summer tour—making its way into the hands of some of country music’s biggest acts and most passionate fans along the way. And Idabelle continues to play to this today.