More Than a Tagline: It’s GO TIME

GO TIME began like most other campaigns. Bridgestone Commercial, a leader in the truck, bus and radial (TBR) tire sector that supplies solutions for everything from 18-wheelers to school buses, asked for an integrated marketing strategy rooted in consumer insights. But once we began speaking to Bridgestone’s audience, the BOSS (as we call it), we realized there was an opportunity to change the conversation—and differentiate the Bridgestone brand like never before.

The Challenge

We’re always on a mission to create bold work, and Bridgestone partnered with us to encourage our best insight-driven and disruptive creative that would help the brand break away from category norms. Though we’d succeeded in talking about tires and creating brand awareness, we knew we could push Bridgestone further.

The growing complexity of the transportation industry shows that leading brands are missing the mark on what their audience actually needs. As their industry headed toward major change and they worked to maintain efficiencies down to cents on the mile, the BOSS needed a brand to go beyond tires and make their job easier.

The challenge, simply put, was that the BOSS had very little faith that a tire company could fix anything more than tire problems.

The Solution

Bridgestone already offered its audience solutions beyond just tires. From access to a broad dealer network and sales tools to a National Fleet Program and Emergency Roadside Service, Bridgestone had comprehensive resources to partner with the BOSS. We took these disparate offerings and packaged them as a branded portfolio of tools, services and programs that encapsulated Bridgestone’s solution to the BOSS’ need for simplicity and partnership. We called it GO TIME.

We changed the conversation from tires to mobility solutions.

GO TIME is how Bridgestone makes tires and mobility simpler so the BOSS can move their business forward because Bridgestone exists to efficiently move the people and businesses who move the world. It takes tire decisions off the BOSS’ plate and allows them to focus on choices that help them keep the world moving.

As the ultimate reason to believe behind Bridgestone Commercial, GO TIME is a rallying cry for expanded service, a succinct way to communicate Bridgestone’s value to the BOSS, and a launchpad for significant business transformation in the future.

It’s much more than a tagline—it’s a movement for more efficient movement. It’s GO TIME.

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Allie Williams (Account Supervisor), Chris Glascock (Associate Creative Director), and John Anderson (Strategic Planner) contributed to this post.

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