Bridgestone Commercial – The Ecopia Effect Campaign

Bridgestone Ecopia™ tires for semi-trucks are designed to be fuel efficient—with savings of up to $710 annually, per truck, if they’re run on all three positions. But insights revealed that fleet managers were only focusing on the first position, or the front of the truck, and missing out on a huge savings opportunity. It was up to us to show them the value of making every tire an Ecopia tire.


First, we thought about our audience. Fleet managers are highly analytical. Then, we thought about future campaigns. How could this work with new products down the road? We decided to talk in a language fleet managers understood: we delivered our savings message in a visual formatted like a line graph. When fleet managers saw the semi-truck, they immediately knew we were speaking to them. And within a few seconds it was easy for them to understand why we were speaking to them—we could help them save money, something we called The Ecopia Effect.


The memorable visual representation of The Ecopia Effect was utilized throughout various campaign materials and included witty copy that helped fleet managers understand the correlation between their tires and their tank. Touchpoints included print, digital and point-of-purchase materials for dealers. We also created an interactive fuel-savings calculator that compared Ecopia vs. Michelin and Goodyear.


By communicating a complex message in a simple way, we increased sales by 7% in just six months. And The Ecopia Effect can be applied to new products and future campaigns. With more Ecopia tires on the road, fleet managers have been able to get more miles between fill-ups—and drivers get to skip a few truck stops.

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