Welcome to the Proving Ground: LP Building Solutions at IBS 2022

For many of our clients trade shows represent a key moment for their brands, offering a unique way to interact directly with their audiences and show off their products in person.

With a rich history of innovative experiences at the NAHB International Builders’ Show, LP Building Solutions wanted to mark the in-person return of IBS by setting themselves apart once again. Additionally, this year’s show aligned with LP’s 50-year anniversary, so it was the perfect time to show the world what the brand has done so far—and what they have planned for the future.

Standing Out With a Strong Message

Our goal was simple—showcase LP as the proven leader in high performance building solutions, backed by 50 years of experience. But at a massive trade show, we had to give builders a reason not only to stop by our booth but to stay and interact while also telling the full story of the LP product portfolio.

LP also has a wide and varied product line with several brands incorporated throughout, so an additional challenge came in ensuring the booth was a cohesive experience.

Playing With Proof Points

Because trade shows are where many industry professionals find out about new products and methods, we zeroed in on that approach. We found that builders want to constantly improve yet are hesitant to try new solutions. Why? Because they lack direct proof that new products will work better.

With this in mind, we set out to use LP’s booth as a playground of proof points that could give builders more confidence in our portfolio. We also wanted to connect current LP campaigns to the booth to give our visitors a continuous experience of the brand.

Welcome to the Proving Ground

Our big idea came together as the LP Proving Ground, an immersive experience in which builders could see LP products in action and find proof of the claims the brand makes about each one.

We wanted to bring a bit of swagger to the booth because, after all, no one else has a portfolio of products like LP Building Solutions. We wanted to make it clear that we walk the walk—not just talk the talk. After coming to the booth, our visitors would understand why our products do what they do and that they’re proven to perform.

For example, we sent baseballs flying at 70 mph at LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding to show its durability in real time in comparison to its top competitor, fiber cement siding. We also highlighted third-party testing data that revealed LP SmartSide siding’s superiority when it came to installation times. LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier sheathing took center stage in a heat box that showed how the product can help reduce attic temperatures compared to commodity OSB sheathing.

Throughout the booth, displays featuring real product samples on swivel panels helped builders to interact directly with the product and read performance proof points along the way. Interactive elements also brought the experience to life. The LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Home Visualizer allowed visitors to see siding color combinations, and the LP Structural Solutions portfolio wall revealed the breadth of the brand’s resilient product options to defend against weather.

Hyping Up LP’s Innovative Approach

Ultimately, the LP Proving Ground served as a space for builders to put LP’s products to the test and gain firsthand experience with them. But the booth was only the start of increasing buzz around LP.

Our team hosted a virtual media tour with several stakeholders from LP, including Brad Southern, Chairman & CEO; Cameron Bailey, Senior Corporate Brand Manager; and Craig Miles, Director of Sales & Marketing, LP Structural Solutions. Before the show, these leaders discussed overall industry trends along with the brand’s innovations with key press targets to drive interest and coverage once the show began.

Our team also scheduled booth drop-ins to engage press coverage during the show and placed paid media and social ads before and after IBS to drive traffic to the booth. For previews of LP’s products and more information after the show, builders could visit the LP Solutions Showcase online.

In addition, for the first time a live podcast was recorded at the booth. Brad Leavitt of AFT Construction spoke with Kyle Stumpenhorst of RR Buildings about his work, and recording at the booth allowed them to capture the spirit of the show and speak to what was going on around them.

We’re looking forward to many more opportunities to showcase the innovative approach from LP Building Solutions to their industry at IBS as we transform their trade show presence into an interactive, engaging experience for all visitors.

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