Uncovering Influencer Potential in the Building Industry

When you think of influencers, you might think of clothing, makeup, and home goods—not building products. But that’s changing.

In the B2B world, there’s an enthusiastic audience of building professionals who are quick to engage in conversations about their industry, offering untapped potential. That’s why, at GS&F, we continue to deliver influencer relations as an integrated approach to our client LP Building Solutions.

For one bold campaign, we used all of LP’s building solutions on a single home. We also partnered with two influencers to increase brand awareness, drive leads to the consideration stage, and leverage LP’s unique competitive advantage of providing multiple solutions for the builder from the same trusted manufacturer.

The Opportunity

 With influencers we could authentically reach LP’s audience of building professionals, who were already eagerly engaging with each other about their industry on social media. We know that builders are looking to their peers for advice when it comes to techniques and products. So, we brought in builders Kyle Stumpenhorst (who already had an established following) and Jordan Smith (who was growing his following online) to track the All-in-LP House build on both their personal accounts and on @lp_pros, the brand’s Instagram channel, sparking conversation with building professionals every step of the way.

One House From One Manufacturer

Our team worked hand-in-hand with Jordan to design the All-in-LP House and order the product. During the build, we captured everything on the jobsite in relatable behind-the-scenes content, from step-by-step installation videos to product highlights and more. Jordan and Kyle also took the camera and posted informal product tests.

We generated content for social media, LP’s website, marketing automation campaigns, trade shows, and more. Almost immediately, the engagement poured in. By connecting builders and contractors with influencers in real time on the jobsite, brand awareness skyrocketed.

Back at the Shop

 We collaborated daily before, during and after the shoot. For example, creative leads put their heads together with PR to make sure our influencers’ social posts adhered to brand standards and account management pored over an installation script with a writer to make sure the content was just right. As an integrated agency we firmly believe that we are better together—we bring out the best in each other, which ultimately brings out the best in our influencer campaigns.

While the numbers speak for themselves, our campaign for LP Building Solutions showed us that relatable, behind-the-scenes content led to high engagement rates. Since stories were posted in real time, we were also able to listen to our audience and tailor content to their questions and interests.

Let’s Work Together

When it comes to launching an integrated influencer campaign for your brand, partnering with a fully integrated advertising agency is your best bet for success. With teams for every part of the campaign under one roof communication and collaboration becomes natural, and that means you’re going to get great work.

At GS&F, we’re pretty inspired by the impact influencers had on LP’s brand, and we’re ready to do the same for yours. Check out our work and give us a shout!

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