Building on 50 Years of Solutions With LP’s Breakout Masterbrand Campaign

Fifty years ago, LP Building Solutions began transforming the building industry with high performance products. Half a century later the ambitious brand continues to deliver innovative building solutions. Ahead of their 50th anniversary, LP asked us to dream up their first-ever masterbrand campaign to captivate builders eager to build a better world.


LP manufactures and sells LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding and LP® Structural Solutions products, but there’s more to LP than siding, framing and sheathing.

As LP approached their anniversary they were ready to build on the brand’s momentum from 2021, including successful campaigns across their brands, and increase top of mind awareness by elevating perceptions of the larger masterbrand.

The challenge was twofold: we needed to create a comprehensive plan, grounded in a solutions-based approach, across paid, owned and earned channels to push LP’s brand forward and, in tandem, create a marketing campaign in celebration of their 50th anniversary.

Alongside our partners at LP, our goal was to elevate the building industry’s view of the company as the proven, yet ambitious, category leader.


Industry research revealed a long list of tectonic shifts putting pressure on the building industry. With decreasing productivity trends and increased demand for sustainable solutions and resilient construction, it became evident that builders crave a clear way forward.

The strategy: showcase LP’s commitment to solving the challenges of modern building with over 50 years of innovation and experience under its belt.

To position LP as the go-to brand for industry solutions, both on and off the jobsite, we tapped into a human truth: leaders are born in moments of uncertainty. When the way forward is unclear, it’s the voice that emerges with a solution—an answer, a path out of the problem—that wins the respect, trust and loyalty of the crowd.

Backed by 50 years of proven solutions across a broad portfolio of product categories, LP has built momentum with ambition to discover new solutions that help the industry meet dynamic challenges head on.

It was time for the industry to see that no one does leadership like LP—and their existing framework of solutions was the perfect start.


We debuted LP as the proven leader the category was calling for with a campaign that accelerated their shared ambition to build a better world: LEADERS BUILD, an inspirational rally cry for the industry.

For 50 years LP has learned, developed and shared new solutions that not only alleviate pressures on the industry but also accelerated its shared ambition to build a better world—and this is only the beginning.

By leveraging their solutions framework, which categorizes LP products and services as proof of five key initiatives, we empowered builders to rise to the occasion and confidently face industry challenges with LP as a trusted partner at their side.

The campaign took form in seven campaign messages including the five key solutions: resiliency, labor, aesthetics, business and sustainability. Two additional messages prioritized LP’s 50 years of experience and brand purpose, and all unified under the truth that no matter the challenge, leaders build.

Initially used across paid, owned and earned channels, the evergreen campaign has potential for lasting impact in influencer activations and future initiatives for the brand as well as trade shows.


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