Uncovering New Potential With LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding

LP Building Solutions has been delivering on their promise to provide better solutions for 50 years by offering top tier building products that builders and homeowners trust. As they looked toward marketing initiatives for 2022, the LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding team asked us to help them move beyond product features and find a bold voice that would connect with what truly motivated our audience. Here’s how we approached the ask.

Challenge – Amplifying the ExpertFinish® Brand

Since its launch in 2020, LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding has been making a splash in the siding space as a durable prefinished siding option that homeowners and professionals love. The product gained momentum in the years that followed its launch with growing demand, expanded distribution and new product offerings.

The LP SmartSide team challenged us to create a new video-forward breakthrough campaign that stood out among competitors and amplified enthusiasm around ExpertFinish products for both homeowners and professionals. As advocates of breaking barriers and trailblazing new territory, we were up for the challenge.

Strategy – Owning the Feeling of Finished

In our years of experience launching, reinventing and establishing brands of all types, one thing remains the same: audience insight is our most valuable asset.

Before we started concepting fresh ideas, we rooted ourselves in our audience-first approach. Since LP is a long-time client of ours, we started with what we already knew about their main audiences: building professionals and homeowners. Efficiency is top of mind for builders. On the jobsite time is money, and builders are on the hunt for durable and easy-to-use products that will tee them up for success to finish with efficiency. Homeowners, on the other hand, want to think about their siding as little as possible. They’re after long-lasting, low maintenance products that promise to improve curb appeal—with the added assurance that no matter the color or style they select, they’ll have made a great choice.

We built upon these insights, diving deeper into the minds of these consumers to better understand the thought patterns, desires and purchasing decisions of the two key audiences when tackling a siding project.

Research showed that for building professionals, the best part of the process is the feeling of a job well done—and it’s that feeling that motivates them to tackle more.

Like builders, homeowners want a home they are proud to show off—one that represents how they want to be seen and what they’ve achieved. For homeowners, the best part of the building process is finally seeing that dumpster get hauled away—the relief and excitement of seeing their vision come to life.

For both, it is the sense of catharsis that arises at the finish line—the feeling of finished.

We crafted our strategy around this key truth, tapping into the values—both unique and shared—of homeowners and builders and setting up our creative to elicit that feeling of finished.

Solution – For the Beauty of Finished

We developed this strategy into a creative concept that communicated the most emotional and salient part of the journey, the finish, partnering with Nashville-based production company Gear Seven to help bring to life a product story that resonated with homeowners and professionals. Local director Matthew Underwood helped execute our winning video concept, “The Beauty of Finished,” which takes the audience through an emotive story of the journey to the finish line with ExpertFinish trim and siding.

Inspiration, hard work, joy, grit and pride tee up the final feeling of finish where builders exhale with pride and homeowners watch their imagination morph into reality as the final touches of colorful home siding are nailed into place.

One Step in a Larger Journey

The two OTT spots informed the rest of the creative assets for the full campaign, including paid, owned and earned efforts capturing “The Beauty of Finished.” This launch of this campaign is just one step in a larger journey for LP, which is continuing to innovate across its brands.

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