Biscuits and Bologna: Making Jack’s Famous

When we partnered with Jack’s Family Restaurants, we’d already fallen in love with their home cooking that reminds their customers of the kinds of meals their grandmothers used to make. We were tasked with bringing the Jack’s experience to life on the most engaging digital platforms. The brand wanted to drive traffic by increasing trial and frequency, growing brand preference, and showcasing what it means to be “All About the South®.”

Ultimately, it was time to make Jack’s famous—we’re talking drive-through lines wrapped around the building, from breakfast runs to midnight cravings. Here’s how we did it.

The Challenge

 We had to find a way to make Jack’s stand out on social media in a highly competitive industry—in the middle of a global pandemic. That meant we had to rely on existing content, but our scrappy creative team was more than up to the job.

We knew identifying specific audience segments would give us a way in, and our research led us to the Hectic Young Mom and the Active Millennial as our priority targets. Seeing these two groups as having the most potential for growth, we worked to set Jack’s apart in a way that would resonate with our audience sets, helping it become their preferred quick service restaurant (QSR).

The Solution

 We developed relatable content that communicated a simple message: Jack’s serves good Southern food made just the way Me-Maw likes it. We kept the voice simple, honest, and always with a welcoming Southern twang.

We brought Me-Maw’s voice to life on Twitter, and the risk paid off. It was the perfect way to make a splash by staying true to the brand, and our audiences took notice.

Jack’s saw a 493% increase in Twitter engagements and 1,200 new Facebook fans, not to mention a 1,218% increase in Instagram story reach. The social media buzz translated into a $0.19 cost per store visit paid social media spend—and Jack’s was top-of-mind with more customers than ever.

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