Hype It Up: Launching Juice Plus+ Perform

The Juice Plus+ Company uniquely positions itself in the trillion-dollar health and wellness industry as a brand telling its story through a co-authoring approach. This helps Juice Plus+ stand out—but its innovative products are the true hero.

The company’s capsules and chewables help customers bridge the gap between what they should eat and what they do eat with whole food, plant-based nutrition. And now, when it comes to high performance for everyday athletes, Juice Plus+ has the answer in their new Juice Plus+ Perform Plant-Based Protein Shake Mix. We set out to help Juice Plus+ make a splash with this exciting product.

The Challenge

If you’re an athlete—even an “everyday” athlete—chances are you’re looking for ways to feed your body well so it can perform in that next run, walk or lift session. With the increase in the need for functional food and drinks to support fitness performance, the demand for protein products has skyrocketed. As a result, new products in this category face an uphill battle when it comes to adoption.

The Strategy

We identified a gap between how the fitness industry talks about high performance and what performance actually means to the everyday athlete. We simply asked whether high performance nutrition was actually solving the problem the everyday athlete brought to the table.

While competitors positioned performance as all about the moment of action and the stats that prove results, we realized that our audience isn’t motivated by the stats. Their fuel comes from their heart, and their performance is how they express themselves.

Performance isn’t just PRs and stats; performance is self-expression. And that’s how we positioned the look and feel of Juice Plus+ Perform Protein Shake Mix.

The Solution

Moving beyond statistical performance, we sought to show our audience how the product supports the WHOLE you. When you use it, you can achieve your peak performance and your best you.

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