How to Co-Author Your Brand’s Story With Its Best Partners

Consumers are constantly on the lookout for ways to stay healthy despite hectic schedules and busy lives, and the trillion-dollar health and wellness industry is there to guide them. Social media serves as a source for tips, tricks and advice, and health and wellness brands have stepped into the mix to offer their take on the industry.

Within a conversation focused on ever-evolving solutions and new ways of thinking, the Juice Plus+ Company strives to keep health simple and empower their audiences to own their health, claiming it on their own terms. With capsules, chewables and more products, Juice Plus+ helps customers bridge the gap between what they should eat and what they do eat—with added whole food nutrition from plant-based ingredients.

Uniquely, Juice Plus+ thrives with over 150,000 partners across 20 countries who both use and sell the product direct-to-consumer while also contributing to their brand’s story. In our work with Juice Plus+ branding and social media, we’re leveraging the Juice Plus+ partners as the company’s most powerful asset for telling their story.

From Brand Loyalist to Best Medium: The Juice Plus+ Marketing Challenge

The voice of the consumer has never been more powerful, especially as we see it exercised on social media, so the Juice Plus+ partners truly have the potential to help tell the brand’s story in an authentic, relevant and engaging way. For that reason, our challenge goes beyond creating work the leaders at Juice Plus+ love. We must also create work that inspires partners to help bring it to life.

The content must not only work with partners across the globe, but it also has to resonate in ways that are shared as common needs amongst the audiences. Additionally, it is critical that our content is customizable for specific geographic areas and cultures. Because consumers want to impact the brands they believe in, we seek to understand the Juice Plus+ Company’s partners so we can respond to their needs specifically, combining their insights with our expertise to empower them to participate in the brand’s storytelling efforts.

Collaborating With the Juice Plus+ Partners

Our initial research into the Juice Plus+ Company involved discussions with some of their partners to hear their stories, learn their perspectives, and see where they needed gaps filled. With this understanding at hand, we can bring our expertise to the table in creating content-based solutions.

Our work with the Juice Plus+ team is a masterclass in balancing brand-focused content with community content. In practice, this might look like posts that promote an individual product or product combination alongside others that invite partners to create content or share their thoughts. For example, our team created and posted a shared playlist, which gave us a curated list of songs the partners used to feel their best.

Our goal is, first and foremost, to tell the Juice Plus+ brand story in an engaging and relevant way. We also seek to make sharing Juice Plus+ content as easy and efficient as possible for our partners so they have the tools they need to participate in bringing the brand to life. So far, we do this by providing branded templates, various messages for all audience segments, personalization tools and more. All these elements are designed to contribute to the overall Juice Plus+ message while offering partners a chance to share their unique perspectives and make the brand their own.

User-generated content also plays a role in our social content planning. We love to share partner content more widely by bringing in the voices of our best brand advocates. With this in mind, we can come together to tell a more holistic, authentic story.

Creating Content With Brand Loyalists in Mind

Juice Plus+ can tell a powerful health and wellness story that provides an easier alternative to the ever-changing industry in which it lives. Instead of chasing the next best tip, Juice Plus+ represents healthy living made easier.

We knew from the start that the Juice Plus+ partners desired to help drive the brand’s conversation. They believe in the product, so they’re eager to take part in telling the story—and we’re here to help that happen.


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