Inside Our Integrated Approach to Video Strategy

It’s hard to go even a few hours without consuming branded content. Whether through social media, a company’s website or a sponsored article, we’re constantly taking in content—and that means brands face a multifaceted challenge of standing out from their competitors.

Creating a brand’s content strategy takes much more than producing videos, writing blog posts, and crafting website information—and that’s why partnering with an integrated advertising agency is critical.

From audience-first research and search engine optimization (SEO) to on-set production and editing, an integrated agency like GS&F can bring your content strategy to life through in-house teams that work with intention and purpose to deliver the results you need.

Let’s zoom in and take a look at how our GS&F teams handle video strategy, an integral part of a brand’s content strategy.

Audience-First Decision-Making

At GS&F, video strategy begins with the same audience-first approach we bring to all our work. Our strategy team conducts initial research about a brand’s audience—what they’re watching, where they’re watching it, and other details that help us make impactful content.

The work continues with our social and digital experts who offer insights regarding best practices and consumer behaviors for each platform. For example, we know that 85% of videos watched online are watched with the sound off. That alone tells our teams that we must find a no-sound solution so the audience doesn’t miss the brand’s message.

Our social team also keeps a finger on the pulse of trends and styles that resonate strongly with audiences across the board. For example, on social media, videos with a lower level of production tend to be perceived as more authentic and relatable as opposed to high production levels that look more like typical advertising or sponsored posts. These insights can help us develop strategies for video—like calling on influencers to help with content production—and reach our audience in meaningful ways.

Our SEO experts also get in on the ground floor, helping to identify topics and keywords with high monthly search volume and using that research to drive idea generation. Keyword research also drives the language we use in our videos. For example, Bridgestone’s audience refers to certain locations as “tire shops,” not “tire dealers,” so we say the same—even if the latter phrase is used internally. This boosts authenticity and relevancy.

An Integrated Approach to Production

Once a video strategy is in place, our focus turns to content creation. With the expertise of our in-house producer alongside the teams that have contributed thus far, we make plans to capture what we need for social media, digital ads and more with a variety of sizes and orientations in mind.

That’s where the importance of pre-production comes in. When you’re on set, it’s tough to remember that the client needs four sizes for three different platforms in two different orientations—and to keep all of that in mind when the camera starts rolling.

Our teams collaborate to create highly detailed shot lists that cover every team’s needs. This ensures we capture usable content, even in a small amount of time. We work to communicate very clearly among our own teams and with our clients, setting expectations up front, which often eliminates many surprises on shoot day—especially on remote shoots.

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Trends and Impact

Each of our teams not only work within current trends—we’re always looking ahead, anticipating new technology and considering how it will impact our work and our clients.

For example, OTT (over-the-top) advertising is beginning to impact how ads fit within a strategy. These ads are delivered over the internet through streaming devices or video services, such as smart TVs and platforms like Hulu or Sling TV.

Digital video placed on these platforms will look different, requiring a high level of production to compete with major brands, and ads that our clients may have placed via other platforms may appear in the same space a typical television commercial would. This new opportunity is exciting and presents a challenge our teams are eager to take on.

All Hands on Deck

At GS&F, all our teams start from the same place—an audience-first mindset. That’s why you can be confident in developing a video strategy with an integrated agency like us. We work to ensure your video content reaches the right people on the right platform at the right time—and, of course, with the right message and tone. Together, we can make video content that makes a difference and draws in your audience.

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