From Data to Decisions: An Integrated Agency’s Approach

Guest post contributed by Ben Raley, SEO Specialist

Website analytics, keyword metrics, heatmaps, conversion numbers—these might seem like simple data points. But even the basics can drive complex and layered decisions, giving you the power to transform a revealing insight about your customers into measurable changes that make a difference for your brand.

But it takes more than one team to get there.

That’s why partnering with an integrated agency is the perfect way to ensure your data is working as hard as it can. Here’s how we approach using digital insights to drive our work.

What Data Reveals

Let’s consider an example: heatmaps. These reveal what happens when a user comes to your website, from how far they scroll down the page to which links they’re clicking. Whether you’re measuring the effectiveness of a new feature or taking stock of what’s not working to make improvements later, heatmaps offer a quick visual representation of how users interact with your content.

Let’s say you pull up your latest heatmap and see that the main call to action on your new landing page isn’t getting enough attention. That’s the data—and that’s where we see opportunity.

Turning Data Into Decisions

When you dig into the why behind your heatmap data, you’ll find not many people are scrolling down far enough to reach your CTA. And when they do, they’re still not clicking.

You might be tempted to give your development team a ring and simply ask them to bump that button higher up on the page, but why stop there when you have multiple teams with different perspectives on your side? Clicks aren’t driven solely by location of a button on a page, so we need more than one approach—backed by a cohesive strategy—to solve the problem.

When this type of challenge comes up for our teams we work with our UX experts to find a new location for the CTA that aligns with clues our data offers, but that’s just step one. Next in line are the SEO and content teams, who help us edit and clarify our messaging.

Simultaneously, we loop in the paid media team to make sure all of our actions are aligned with any campaign conversions that are either ongoing or upcoming. And every campaign is developed with insights from the strategy team and held together by account management, so they’ll be there to measure our decisions against the big picture for your brand.

Once we’re aligned on next steps, we call on the development team to update the website. And from there, the process starts again—we measure our performance to make sure our approach made the difference we anticipated.

Working Together for Data-Driven Results

That’s just one example of how a seemingly basic data point can bring together everyone at an integrated agency to drive change that matters. Some of our most exciting moments come when we can pivot and solve problems, working seamlessly to maximize every bit of data available. When our teams are working in lockstep towards one goal, the sky’s the limit for your brand.

Let’s put your brand’s data to work. Reach out to us here to discuss!

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