Reimagining Influencer Partnerships

Reimagining Influencer Partnerships

Our Friends at Jack’s came to us wondering how to approach influencer marketing for their brand. To start, we simply asked why influencers had to be younger millennials.


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A New Kind of Influencer

We wanted to rethink influencer marketing in light of the people who know the brand best—those who have been grabbing a biscuit at Jack’s for decades. How could we bring together our younger, social media-savvy audience and our Jack’s loyalists as one Southern community founded on the same roots?

Our Answer?

The Granfluencers.

The Search for Granfluencers

That’s right—we called on grandparents, those sassy anchors of Southern families who aren’t only experts in what the South is all about, but can also recite the Jack’s menu with their eyes closed. We called them the Granfluencers, and we launched a contest to find them. Ten winners would receive free Jack’s for a year and a swag pack, and one grand prize winner would also be given the chance to be in a Jack’s ad.

Even though we knew our most loyal customers may not even be on social media, their kids and grandkids were. So we turned to local influencers to get the party started by highlighting their own grandparents.

Because the Jack’s brand had already built equity in the grandparent, making Me-Maw’s voice familiar in social content, granfluencers took off. And during a time in which we all wanted to keep our grandparents extra safe, it was the perfect way to let them know much we love ’em.