A New Way Forward: DriveGuard Plus Digital Launch

For years Bridgestone has been equipping its Consumer Sales Representatives (CSRs) with engaging launch kits that communicate a product story with physical elements. However, ahead of their most recent launch, they were ready to further innovate.

When we were asked to lead the launch strategy for Bridgetone’s DriveGuard Plus tire, we decided to revolutionize the way CSRs thought about launches by introducing the very first digital launch kit.


In the past launch kits have always been made up of physical materials – papers, diagrams and product education tools that CSRs took on the go. These kits were used to instill confidence in the audience and ultimately lead to a purchasing decision – but the physical kits could be hard to manage. With new kits for each launch, Bridgestone found that CSRs could easily misplace pivotal materials without a central place to store the items.

We were challenged with creating Bridgestone’s first online launch kit experience that served as a central source for CSRs to access product information and better empower customers to choose Bridgestone.

But it’s a fact, old habits die hard ­– and Bridgestone CSRs have relied on physical resources for a long time. Although we were confident this switch from physical to digital would be a win for Bridgestone, we needed to prove to CSRs that an online hub would more than just benefit them, it would transform the way they interact with the product and customers.


The strategy? Create an irresistible digital alternative to printed launch kits.

To effectively launch this new platform, we had to get CSRs to re-think their first point of contact with our newest Bridgestone and Firestone products from a physical product to a virtual hub.

We tapped into some key learnings of CSRs to inform our approach. We discovered that CSRs look to Bridgestone for quick resources that tell a clear message and bring the product to life.

Since CSRs learn best when they experience the product in action, this online platform needed to be more engaging, user-friendly and reflective of the Bridgestone brand than the physical launch kits of the past.

To get our foot in the door and ease CSRs into this new concept, we started with an element of consistency: a printed mailer that felt familiar yet sparked curiosity.


Following the DriveGuard Plus digital launch, CSRs received a tri-fold mailer that introduced a new way forward and directed them to the DriveGuard Plus launch page with a QR code.

Our creative and strategy teams collaborated to introduce DriveGuard Plus, a thoughtfully designed touring tire with improved performance through Bridgestone’s first ever virtual launch kit.

Though the mailer was our hook, the landing page was our proving grounds; we needed to make a first impression that exceeded pre-conceived notions of a digital launch kit by creating an immersive digital experience.

The landing page shows an animation of the tire trekking through varied terrain, framed by copy with clear and compelling messaging hierarchy calling out key benefits, competitive advantages and supporting information.

We partnered with Make to create interactive visuals and 3-D components that lead the user through a product story, introducing details of DriveGuard Plus from performance to warranty.

This easy-to-use always-on access gives CSRs one hub for all new product information so that they can be on their A-game no matter what comes their way.


For Bridgestone, this revolutionized the way their dollar is spent – creating a more cost-efficient way to effectively equip CSRs by eliminating printing and shipping costs for each new product launch kit.

With a digital landscape that caters to CSRs, we were able to retain the hype around product launches through an immersive online experience, proving that creative opportunities on digital platforms are limitless as well as equipping CSRs with more interactive ways to communicate a selling story.

Ultimately, the DriveGuard Plus launch is a precursor to a larger online information hub that can be leveraged across multiple teams for product education.

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