Dayton – Launch


When Dayton approached us to help increase brand awareness and sales through a relaunch campaign, we hammered down and got moving.

Tires for Truckers

During the discovery phase, we talked to our target audience in the field and combined those insights with data collected by our strategists. We found that our target audience, truck owners and operators, view themselves differently from people who drive for big corporations. They don’t identify themselves as drivers or corporate men or women. They’re truckers—a choice they make with pride.

Rubber to the Road

GS&F produced all creative during phase one of the campaign, which included a photo and video shoot as well as print and digital assets. The campaign initially launched in four test markets, and it did so well that we were ready to activate nationally just a month later.

Driving Results

To measure results, we conducted awareness surveys in May and September. Unaided awareness was doubled both times, proving that knowing the target audience and speaking to them authentically helped us meet—and exceed—our client’s goals.

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