Everyone was itchin’ to have a little fun at Blake Shelton’s new bar in Nashville

Getting Down to the BS

Blake Shelton was opening a new restaurant and bar on Broadway. If you’ve ever visited Nashville, you know this concept is hardly new. The strip is already lined with honky tonks. Our job was to convince Music City residents and visitors that Ole Red was serving up something different—better music, a bigger rooftop, and an authentic “Blake” experience.

Cutting Through the Ole Competition

We took tours of the space with construction companies, ate at competitors’ bars (we’re looking at you, FGL House and Whiskey Row), and wrote no less than 70 headlines before landing on three that would be the hero for the first 90-day opening plan. The accompanying art direction was simple yet conveyed the upscale vibe that the bar was aiming to achieve.

Creative and Paid Media Integrate

Our paid media team took the creative and built a plan that saturated the market with buses, outdoor billboards, online display ads, radio spots and airport signage.

Airport signage, an ad in Southwest Magazine, and outdoor billboards at major arteries coming into Nashville were specifically targeted to incoming tourists. While the buses and radio spots were used to reach locals, online display ads specifically targeted people who watch The Voice and listen to country music.

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