Celebrating International Day of Friendship With GS&F

At GS&F, friendship is included in our very name—the “F” in GS&F stands for “Friends.” It’s important to us that we actively work to keep GS&F a place for friends, as it has been since our inception.

We celebrate a lot of different days throughout the year as an agency, including national holidays like Juneteenth. We also mark our own unique celebrations, such as Friends Day, which commemorates our founding in 1978. Another marker—& Day—gives each employee the opportunity to dedicate their time to an important cause, remembrance or other meaningful moments in their lives.

As we strive to be a closely connected group of friends bringing out the best in each other every day, we set aside time this year to add International Day of Friendship to our list of celebrations. We threw an in-person gathering—we’re still not over the joy of getting to see each other face-to-face—and ended the week early with a long weekend.

What better way to recap the celebration than with a roundup of reflection from our Friends? Check out what friendship means to them and how they cheer each other on.

Marking the Occasion

Even without meetings on the calendar, the production team chose to celebrate International Day of Friendship as a group. “Gathering for a meal means putting everything else aside and truly sharing those moments together,” Transmedia Production Manager Scott Brooks says. Video Producer Nick Swift treated the group to homemade pizzas made in a portable pizza oven and everyone enjoyed a well-earned break.

Rosie Colman, Senior Account Executive, Interactive, flew to Denver to spend time with her best friend, who was celebrating her 30th birthday. Hannah Leavitt, PR Account Executive, chose to volunteer with some canine friends at a local animal shelter. No matter what was on the agenda for the day, this time gave all of us the chance to reflect on the culture of friendship GS&F has built and continues to fortify every day.

Culture Made for Us, by Us

Our culture only grows when our group of friends becomes more diverse and more varied in ideas, philosophies and identities. And with more perspectives contributing to the agency’s culture, it only gets better.

“That’s why I think GS&F’s friendship-based culture is so unique, important and valuable,” Brent Barbour, Account Director, adds. “It’s architected by the company, but it’s largely delivered and lived by the team itself, which really makes it feel like a culture made for us, by us.”

Cheering Each Other On

Cheering each other on is a foundational part of being on the team at GS&F. From the Friday morning meetings in which the entire agency gathers to share wins for the week to unity among individual teams, our ability to lift each other up makes a difference every day.

“Any feedback is constructive, and we really want the best for each other,” says Colman. “We’re on one team working toward one common goal. For example, if we’re on a call and I’m talking to a client, I’ll see my coworkers nodding their heads as I’m talking, letting me know I’m on the right path and giving me confidence in whatever message I’m sharing.”

Leavitt adds that no one is an island at GS&F. “We know we can lean on each other,” she says. “We’re all happy to take an active role in making each other’s successes a reality.”

Always Growing

We also realize we have room to grow and improve in every area of the agency, and that includes our friendship-first culture. “It can be hard to accomplish a culture that’s true to its word,” Colman points out, but GS&F ensures open lines of communication wherever possible and remains open to receiving feedback. With everyone’s voices heard the team can work together toward an environment in which everyone can create great work, make great friendships, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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