PetSafe – Pet Hydration Month Campaign


PetSafe wanted to educate pet owners on the importance of proper hydration during the sweltering summer months—and sell a few Drinkwell Fountains—by raising awareness for Pet Hydration Month in July.


First, we needed to find that one common truth that resonated with our audience. We realized that when our furry friends chew up a pair of shoes or knock a glass of juice off the table every pet owner wonders, “What are they trying to tell me?”

To solve this conundrum we introduced Brian Pounders Ph.D., the foremost pet interpreter in the region. Brian’s goal was to use his “expertise” to let you know exactly what your pet was trying to tell you. His character gave us a humorous way to engage with our audience by showing funny pet clips and interpreting what their four-legged friends are actually saying.


Our animal translator concluded that most of the time our furry friends are just thirsty. And what’s the best way to hydrate them? With fresh, flowing water from a PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain, of course. The lighthearted tone and direction conveyed that PetSafe doesn’t always take itself seriously, but hydrating your pet is no joke.

Pet Owners Are Not Created Equal

When it came time to push our message, we were able to target specific markets based on pet owner concentration. With our Pandora ads, we were able to take it a step further. Pandora was able to get even more precise with our target and serve cat ads to cat people and dog ads to dog people. This level of sophistication was a big reason these ads performed above expectations. And we’d like to think that helped increase awareness and drove sales.

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