When Watkins College of Art was looking for a new identity that would elevate their brand, they turned to GS&F to establish a refreshed visual presence and launch an admissions campaign that would live up to their rich history and ambitious vision.

Our first step was to establish a brand platform or blueprint for what the Watkins brand has come to mean to its students, faculty and tight-knit art community. Building on this groundwork, we dove into developing a strong mark that could coexist with the various artworks of the institution.

During our discovery phase we were drawn to the rich history of the school and the original dreams of the founder, Samuel Watkins, to create an establishment that would teach those in need the “business of life.” The typography is architectural in nature, paying homage to the original Watkins 1885 building, and the curious punctuation was inspired by the original signage.

Our first marketing execution with the new identity came to life in a digital ad campaign. Banner ads leading to an admissions landing page highlight student work and encourage our audience to take the first step in beginning a journey that will lead to a fulfilling career in the arts. And as we continue to grow the Watkins admissions funnel, Watkins can focus on growing talented students into the artists they are meant to be.

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