It’s Your Birth Story Campaign

The University of Tennessee Medical Center delivers more babies at their Center for Women & Infants than any other hospital in the region. They offer more board-certified doctors, a Magnet recognized nursing staff, specialists available 24/7, and a Level III NICU right down the hall. However, they aren’t always thought of as “The Baby Hospital” in the minds of expecting mothers. It was our job to change that perception.

Creating something that feels different

UT Medical Center was already running a successful branding campaign that highlights the excellence of the whole organization. Where the “Excellence” campaign was a smart campaign for the medical center as a whole, the thought was that a campaign for the Center for Women & Infants needed to show more emotion.

From their mouths

Where our team landed was that no two birth stories are the same and we are here for all of them. We also came to the conclusion that word-of-mouth strongly influences where expecting mothers decide to deliver. So our approach to getting our message out was to hear actual stories from a few of the mothers who had delivered at UT Medical Center.

Capturing their stories

Since we built the campaign that no two birth stories are the same, we wanted to meet mothers from all walks of life who had stories ranging from there were no complications and there were some difficulties to true medical miracles. Together, all these stories capture the uniqueness of every mother’s journey and that UT Medical Center is equipped to handle all of them.

Broadening our focus

Initially the campaign was targeted to just digital, but as the campaign started to take shape we realized we should think bigger. Where we ended up was with a holistic campaign that includes TV, banners, a microsite, pre-roll, video content and more. All these elements work in unison to allow mothers to tell their stories and to tell expecting mothers why UT Medical Center is the best place to have their baby.

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