One of the nation’s leading lifestyle retailers, Tractor Supply, was ready to launch a new line of pet food made by 4health called UNTAMED. Our task was to help them launch it.


How did we promote a product designed to feed the primal hunger of cats and dogs? The creative direction was a bit unexpected—we fed it to humans.

Okay, we fed it to their pets, too. We realized UNTAMED uses the same premium ingredients and wholesome meats that we eat ourselves. And research showed us that today’s pet parents have a desire to feed their animals in a way that aligns with their own dietary preferences. Our idea was simple but impactful—create an event in which Instagram-famous dogs and their owners could enjoy a special meal together made with the same ingredients used in UNTAMED.

The Dine with Your Dog pop-up restaurant brought together dozens of dogs and their owners for a meal under the moon. The event gave four-legged guests the opportunity to feast on all four UNTAMED recipes, while their owners got to select from four corresponding menu options—Southern Bayou glazed boar shank with a side of lentils, Red Canyon lentil and buffalo stew, Open Highland lamb with a lentil carrot salad, and Wild River gribiche and smoked trout with lentils.

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