Hunt Brothers Pizza set a goal to grow their Facebook page by 20% in 2016. To achieve this goal—and better understand their audience in the process—we launched a Fan Acquisition Campaign to help promote their page.


We created over a dozen ads that tested copy and imagery with three targeted audiences. First, we tested product vs. lifestyle imagery. Even further, we broke up the messages into different categories to organize our efforts—brand-centric, convenience store-centric, value-centric and playful.

We learned that the images that drove the most action focused on the product rather than a more lifestyle feel. We also learned that the messages that took a more humorous and playful tone worked the best. This confirmed our hunch and the approach we were already taking on social—pizza is way too good to be boring.

Before the campaign started, we had detailed research about our target audiences and had already been creating social content for them. We knew how to craft relevant messages and speak to our audience. When a new fan checked out our page, it was already filled with content to hook them and keep them from hitting the “unlike” button.

The campaign was a success, and the page has continued to grow beyond the campaign. And we’re continuing to produce engaging content on a regular basis to keep those hard-earned likes.

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