To support the biggest tire launch in Bridgestone’s recent history, we were asked to take a major role in planning, strategy and creative. From naming and brand positioning to messaging, creative development and in-store digital POP, we did it all.

Be your own hero

Early on in the conversation, we decided to stay away from scare tactics. DriveGuard is about putting the consumer in control of their day. We didn’t believe we could effectively empower someone by frightening them at the same time.

Choose to keep moving

When we were creating the pieces for this campaign, we made sure that both the photography and messaging were uplifting. We wanted consumers feeling confident that with this tire you can save yourself.

An innovation in POP

The objective was not only to create awareness of the tire, we also needed to engage and educate consumers at the point of purchase (in the red zone). By creating a removable video player that was placed in a standee, it encouraged consumers to actively interact and learn about the features and benefits of the new DriveGuard tire. It also became a valuable sales tool retailers could remove and use to assist potential customers.

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