When Y-Build—an organization that helps at-risk young men rebuild their lives—learned that the YMCA would no longer be able to support them, GS&F stepped up to help them stand on their own two feet.

Finding Confidence Through Faith

Before we created business cards, t-shirts, a website, two videos and a suite of marketing collateral, we needed to give Y-Build a new name. As a faith-based organization that stands by Philippians 4:13, there was one choice that embodied exactly who they were—4:13 Strong.

Building A Brand

While it takes many people for a nonprofit to be successful, GS&F discovered that the heart and soul of 4:13 Strong lives in their participants. We created a brand that is visually bold and masculine to connect with the young men they were trying to recruit. We gave them authenticity as a brand and set the foundation for all marketing content.

Considering Every Audience

The job partner book features success stories, while the donor presentation allows the presenter to use his strong speaking skills—with a leave-behind piece that puts contributions in a new light as a receipt of intangible items. The volunteer piece fits in a wallet or pocket, and the participant brochure is a quick read.


Watching Miracles Happen

Shortly after deploying the new materials, the recruitment director at 4:13 Strong heard from a young man in Memphis who was in desperate need of a new start. Determined to change, Cedric sold everything he owned and used the money to buy a one-way bus ticket to Nashville. He now has a full-time job and has been promoted several times since he joined the program over a year ago. 4:13 Strong changed his life—and his story changed us.

Measuring Success

For us, the measure of success goes beyond dollars raised and awards won—it’s about the lives we help change and the positive impact they will have on the community.

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