Junior App Developer


GS&F is searching for a Junior App Developer to augment our current staff and to support a variety of React projects and accounts. For this role, candidates should be deeply knowledgeable of React and/or React Native and comfortable plugging into a new environment (both agency and Dev environments) quickly. Candidates should be able to thrive independently but desire collaboration and problem solving.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience working within a development team implementing, launching and maintaining professional websites across a variety of platforms
  • Demonstrated experience in React and/or React Native
  • Understanding of Git and should have experience inheriting React sites from other developers and teams
  • Comfortable in Agile methodologies and can work both independently and alongside other developers to plan and move tickets through the software development life cycle
  • Prior agency experience in this role is a significant plus
  • Candidates with experience with headless CMS (using React in particular), GraphQL, WordPress or .Net/C# will have an advantage in the recruiting process
  • Candidates should approach development work collaboratively, are highly curious, are team players and team builders and are comfortable in a creative environment