Calling All Interns!


GS&F is looking for innovative, curious can-doers who are ready to come in and hit the ground running. The ideal candidate is a current student, recent graduate, or aspiring advertising professional with an expressed interest in creative design, account management, PR, strategic planning, digital media, interactive development, or another aspect of marketing. Internships at GS&F are paid, eligible for academic credit, and start and end dates are flexible. As an intern, you will contribute important work to GS&F’s integrated teams on real client projects—and get paid for it!

Preferred Qualifications

  • … has a solid understanding of advertising principles or a hunger to learn
  • … thinks conceptually and has concept-driven work to show for it
  • … is ambitious, competitive and hungry for success
  • … takes initiative and plays well with others
  • … knows how to take/provide valuable feedback
  • … performs well under pressure to meet tight deadlines
  • Sound like you? Then what are you waiting for? Apply already! Show us what makes you the perfect fit for our growing group of friends. We’re ready for someone like you to get in here and start making great work with us.