Put Your Money to Good Youth: How We’re Helping Show Oasis Center’s Impact on Nashville

Oasis Center is a Nashville institution. It’s been around longer than some of us at GS&F have been alive. And since its inception in 1969, it’s made one thing a priority: Providing Nashville youth with resources to help them thrive.

In 2021, that’s more important than ever. Following one of the most challenging years on record, youth are dealing with a shared trauma that stalled their school year, upended their identities and made the already-daunting teenage years even tougher.

But through the pandemic, Oasis persevered and lived up to its mission. In fact, more than 4,000 Nashville youth used one of its more than 20 services over the past year. From crisis intervention to community engagement to college and career access, these youth all have a different reason why they come to Oasis. And it’s donations from the Nashville community that provide the reason why they can.

In our new, recently-launched campaign for Oasis Center, we highlighted many of these reasons with a confessional campaign that shows the full breadth of Oasis’s impact on our community. Moments of crisis become moments of courage with Oasis providing the safe space and open community that helps youth take control of their futures.

The campaign is a continuation of our longstanding relationship with the nonprofit. We’ve been proud supporters of the organization for many years and continue to be inspired by their leaders and the services the center provides to make Nashville a better place not just for youth, but for everyone.

From outdoor to digital to the mailbox, our new campaign shows Nashville all the reasons why Oasis is so important … and the reasons why you should consider a donation.

Put your money to good youth and check out the campaign below.

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