Breaking Through in a Functional Category

GS&F has partnered with Delta Dental for nearly 20 years, supporting paid media and creative efforts across several key markets. In an effort to drive an increase in enrollments, our most recent campaign was aimed at capturing the attention of our consumers in a functional category—and one that is top-of-mind during very specific need states. And as we do with all of our work, we took an audience-first approach to create meaningful connections.

Right Message, Right Place, Right Time

Dental and vision insurance is not always top-of-mind, therefore simplicity, clarity and disruptiveness of our creative messaging was imperative. Focusing on audience needs and desires, which drove the creative concept, alongside key paid media touchpoints for each audience, provided an opportunity to maximize every dollar. We needed to provide each designated audience with the motivation they needed to take action. Target audiences spanned from Millennials to Gen X and Baby Boomers as well as a B2B decision-maker audience. Through digital, social, streaming audio, OOH and more, GS&F was able to segment messaging to ensure maximum impact, even down to targeting of specific creative messaging for specific neighborhoods across each market.

Being Relevant

We placed a premium on being relevant in real time with our creative and media execution. The I-40 bridge connecting the city of Memphis to Arkansas over the Mississippi River was closed for several months due to discovery of major structural cracks. Thus, vehicles and barges were forced to find alternative routes, and this situation was top-of-mind in the region. This creative version was mixed in across Memphis, providing locals with a smile and confirmation that Delta Dental truly knows what is going on in their markets.

These efforts not only continued to position Delta Dental as a leader in their category, but also showcased their ability to connect and a commitment on a local market level. It also built on their positioning of “smile power” as we aimed at creating more smiles through our messaging. And at the end of the day, it gave permission for the brand to be not only relevant, but human.

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