Emotional Connectivity: The New Core Currency

It’s not enough to simply get someone’s attention anymore—they have to feel something.

10 Ways We Bring Out the Best in Each Other

At GS&F, we believe the best client-agency relationships start with candid collaboration.

How—and Why—We Strive to Always Be Bold

Playing it safe is the only risk we can’t afford to take. It’s time to be bold for your brand.

Proof that Big Ideas Are Usually Simple Ideas

A changing industry called for a campaign evolution for our friends over at Crossville. By starting where we always do—the audience—we uncovered some pretty unique truths that are creating “endless possibilities” for the brand.

BERT Alert

Google recently rolled out their latest notable update with all the pomp and circumstance you would expect without so much as a whisper. That’s because this BERT update has been in the works for quite some time, if you’ve been paying attention. Since 2015’s “Mobilegeddon,” Google has made a concerted and wildly transparent effort to make two things…

A Halloween Interactive With a ‘Hillbilly Bone’

Halloween is the one time a year where it’s socially acceptable to get weird – and here at GS&F we wholeheartedly embrace that. However, Halloween can also be very predictable at times: with the same old ghosts, witches, axe murders, and zombies. We like to be different. The interactive team at GS&F set out to…

The Fine Art of the Client/Agency Relationship

We want to be your friends, but it’s more important that you want to be incredible.

Why All CMOs Should Have a Pulse on Brand Health

With consumer empowerment at an all-time high, it’s important for brands to understand how they are valued and perceived. Brand health could be the difference in your product being picked up off the shelf or passed over for a competitor.

The Amperseason of Giving, Sharing & Friendship

At GS&F, we don’t just focus on providing results and sharing expertise—we’re Friends who share a passion for community involvement. To celebrate our 40 years in Music City, we put a new, nonprofit spin on our acronym to deliver a charitable campaign with a huge community impact.

Von Elrod’s – Brand Launch Campaign

With bigger beers, bigger flavors and bigger times to be had, Von Elrod’s welcomes friends, families, coworkers and strangers from all walks of life to leave their inhibitions at the door. GO BIG OR MISS OUT We partnered with The Nashville Sign (the “Times Square” of Nashville) to run a series of FOMO-inducing digital billboards…

Everyone was itchin’ to have a little fun at Blake Shelton’s new bar in Nashville

When one of country music’s biggest stars decided it was time to raise the bar on Broadway, we got down to business.