Think, Make, Learn – The GS&F Makers Series

Posted by GS&F

Want to know a little secret about the world of advertising? It’s all about guessing. It’s true; every campaign, print ad, app and website is supported by a foundation of educated guesses that we believe will engage our target audience. *Editor’s note: the key word here is educated — I mean, c’mon, we didn’t acquire over 38 years of experience with shot-in-the-dark guesses. We can explain. These guesses hypotheses are developed during an in-depth discovery phase that allows us to learn all there is to know about our clients and their industry. From there, we turn to our lean process referred to as ‘Think, Make, Learn.’ With the help of prototyping, we test said hypotheses with our real-world audience and are quickly able to either prove or disprove its effectiveness and gather valuable insights. After several times through this process, we deliver a fully-tested, proven solution for our clients that is built for success. It’s rarely without trial and error, but that’s a good thing. Whether we’re testing feasibility, functionality, design or messaging, every misstep brings us one step closer to our goal, and every failed prototype teaches us just as much, if not more than a successful one. Around here, ‘Think, Make, Learn’ isn’t just a trusted process, it’s a mantra and it’s woven deeply into the DNA of GS&F. We’ve made a lot of prototypes throughout the years, and over the course of the next few weeks we’re going to share some of them with you. You’ll not only get a glimpse at the various ways we approach problems but also a friendly reminder to view every endeavor as an opportunity to learn something new. Plus, making stuff is just plain cool.