An Ear to the Ground: How Social Listening Can Inform Brand Strategy

To develop killer strategy, your brand has to know what makes your customers tick—from the big picture (what matters to them) down to the details (how they spend their time). How can you get the insight you need to execute smart marketing strategy that reaches your audience, maintaining existing customers and converting new customers?

Social listening can contribute to an accurate picture of a brand’s health. Ideal for brands with audiences that voice their opinions on social media, it involves analyzing conversations around your brand and its industry to get at the “why” behind brand perception, not simply what that perception is. It goes beyond reporting direct mentions of your brand and incorporates related conversations to map your brand’s position within the big picture.

“Social listening gives you the ability to quantify and visualize sentiment across the entire social landscape, not just the comments and DMs you receive in your monitoring inboxes,” says Kristin Dick, social account supervisor at GS&F.

Social listening is becoming even more critical during times of crisis like COVID-19, when brand perception and audience needs—and even their habits—seem to change minute by minute. Insight gained from social listening can be used to navigate tough times strategically.

Want to see how your brand can get in on social listening? Check out our Social Listening 101 infographic for a crash course in how you can use what you learn as part of what informs your brand strategy.

At GS&F, we have the most up-to-date social listening resources along with a diverse group of digital and social experts with multi-industry experience. Let our team of thought leaders and innovators help you explore how social listening may fit into your brand’s bigger picture. Get in touch here.

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