Making Time for Holiday Self-Care: 5 Friends Share Their Tips

With changed plans and adjusted travel it can be tempting to knock out more work during the holiday season, hustling with the same gumption we have all year. We want to keep pushing to start 2021 well. But in the end, that won’t do us—or our clients—any favors.

At GS&F, we’re challenging ourselves to make space for the 2020 holiday season. It can’t be canceled; it just has to be redefined. By giving ourselves time to reflect, rest and enjoy the season—even if it looks different than usual—we’ll enter the new year with fresh perspectives, bold thinking and resilience.

We caught up with a few of our Friends to check in on their holiday self-care plans and routines. Read on to get some ideas for resting well, enjoying the little things, and preparing for a great 2021.

“I’ve been making time to walk my dog, Cooper, during my workday. I get some fresh air and Coop lets me get more work done the rest of the day. It’s a win-win! I also have an ongoing project during quarantine—I’ve transformed my scary basement into a studio space (it’s still currently a work in progress!). Doing this at my leisure with no strict deadlines and full creative freedom has been good for the soul. And I’ve decked my house out in Christmas decor. Since we are still working from home, being able to pop on my Christmas lights when it starts to get dark at 3:30 brings me more joy than I knew was possible.”

—Sam Kelly, Graphic Designer

“Self-care for a new, full-time working parent feels impossible, but I can feel it when I don’t make the time. So, as with everything I do at this life stage, I find ways to multitask. Taking walks is a great option—perfect for a call with a friend while burning some energy for my dog and squeezing in a power nap for my son. A long shower to clear my head and adding a face mask makes it feel like a treat. For the holiday season I’m making sure I use those few quiet moments to reflect on this year’s challenges and refocus on the many blessings of this time. While I crave quiet moments alone, nothing will replace the quality time spent with my new little family and the start of our many holiday traditions. My favorite: our Christmas Day Bolognese tradition—I cook this all day with a glass of wine in hand, tinkering and tasting throughout until it feels just right.”

—Megan Brittain, Group Account Director

“Outside of my work at GS&F I find continuing my creative expression after-hours incredibly important. In reflection I believe making art, for me, is mostly a way I meditate. It provides me with a sense of validation when I complete something. This year I experimented with abstract paper compositions and digital illustration. I look forward to the holiday break and seeing what I am able to create during it.”

—Alex Miracle, Graphic Designer

“I’m continuing to use fitness as an outlet for disconnecting and re-engaging my mind. Hot yoga has been a fun one! I’m also working to define my “Year of” for 2021. Instead of New Year’s resolutions (they don’t work for me!), I’ve decided to define my year in one word (or maybe a few words). I adopted this two years ago in my family. I’m also soaking up all the Christmas things; for example, I’m watching all Christmas movies in the 25 Days of Christmas with my husband. And I love devoting time to a morning or lunch walk with my pup to clear the mind before I kick off my day.”

—Gabby Springer, Account Supervisor

“Things are so wild, especially in December, that I grab some peace when and where I can. I bought a pinball machine over the summer, so I try to take “pinball breaks.” It’s silly and fun, and it’s a great way to reset my mind for what’s next. There are lots of resolutions on my list for next year—being more in the moment, letting more stress go, embracing what each day brings. I’m ready for 2021, but 2020 has taught us all that we can handle more than we ever expected, coming through stronger and more self-assured for it.”

—Scott Brooks, Transmedia Production Manager

How are you spending the holiday season? From all of us here at GS&F, we wish you a safe, restful, joyous season. We’ll see you in 2021, ready to hit the ground running and take your brand to the next level!

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