Major League Friends

Posted by Ryan Scott

This year, in honor of our annual Friends Day celebration, the GS&F social team organized a classic, all-American Wiffle Ball tournament complete with hot dogs, healthy competition and some superior swag.

Inspired by the theme and enamored by the aesthetic of early 20th century baseball, our creative team couldn’t wait to get started. First things first – we knew we needed to brand our very own league, and so The Great Southern Farm (GSF) League was born.

Then with the help of GS&F’s designers, we created eight teams each represented by a unique name, logo and personality. Using the inspiration of baseball’s early days, a helluva lot of passion (and maybe a couple of beers), our league began to take shape—as did the accompanying tees, bandanas, pins, game day programs, and custom bat.

All-in-all, our 2017 Friends Day Classic was one for the books, bringing our entire office together and reminding everyone that when it comes to friendship, we play in a league of our own.