Leading the Charge: Lochinvar’s Story of Perpetual Innovation

When it comes to commercial water heating solutions, Lochinvar stands high above the competition. A company that prides itself in the breadth of its product offering, Lochinvar offers unwavering customer support, education in its field, and perpetual product innovation. It’s undeniable—no one brings it all together like Lochinvar.

However, like all choice brands, Lochinvar demands a premium. To that end, the team at Lochinvar asked us to develop a brand video that represents their position as an industry leader.

Why Lochinvar?

 Heritage brands aren’t typically seen as the ones that continually turn their industry on its head. But Lochinvar has always been an industry leader in water heating innovation. We knew telling their story would help illustrate how they stand apart from their competition and why their products are worth it to their audience.

Tapping Into a History of Innovation

No matter what Lochinvar’s competition does in attempts to play catchup, there is one way they can’t compare—Lochinvar’s history. With a legacy of continually revolutionizing the industry that stretches back to 1919, Lochinvar can tell a story that other companies can’t match. We wanted to show that Lochinvar’s storied history isn’t a fluke and that they are positioned to continue to lead the charge in water heating innovation.

Turning Names and Dates Into Premium Animation

We set out to create a brand video that showcases how the DNA of Lochinvar to build only the best will carry the company into a sustainable and responsible future.

To tell this story, we sourced existing assets from Lochinvar’s history and gave them new life. Then, we collaborated with MAKE Visual out of Minneapolis to animate a high-quality video that weaved more than 100 years of history, old photos, ads and designs into a cohesive story.

The end result was a video unlike any other the commercial water heating industry has ever seen. The final video matches Lochinvar’s status as an industry leader when it comes to commercial water heating; it covers more than a century of history to tell a larger story.

This wouldn’t have been possible without everyone involved being passionate about the end goal: that the video would reflect Lochinvar’s desire to build only the best. We value working with ambitious brands like Lochinvar and partners like MAKE Visual, and this project showed that when we all push the work to be better than ever, we can take true steps forward.

The video our teams created will live on Lochinvar’s website and will be used in the field by their sales representatives to showcase the brand’s history of innovation. Additionally, we created 30-second and 15-second abbreviated versions of the video that will debut on Lochinvar’s social channels and in YouTube pre-roll ads. Together all of these videos will prove to our audiences that when it comes to commercial water heating that no one brings it all together like Lochinvar.

Let’s Tell Your Story

We’re going to push you and challenge you—but that’s when the magic happens. And it’s why we only partner with brands who are just as passionate about reaching the next level as we are.

Lochinvar had a great story to tell—and we have a feeling you do, too. We can’t wait to hear. Start the conversation here.


Jacob Fields, senior copywriter, contributed to this blog post.

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