Firestone Direct: Providing a Modern Solution to an Antiquated Problem

For over 120 years, Americans have trusted Firestone to keep them on the road. But as consumer needs develop in a hyper-efficient world, Firestone decided it was time to take customer service to the next level by launching a new brand that brings auto care to wherever you are.


As long as cars have been in service, they have required regular maintenance. If you’re a car owner, you’ve been there—a light appears on your dash, you roll your eyes, maybe ignore the notification until you eventually schedule a repair appointment that leaves you waiting in a lobby for half the day. It’s just part of life—or so you think.

We discovered that it isn’t car maintenance itself that consumers hate, it’s organizing their lives around it. Any alternatives to the traditional, routine-disrupting auto mechanic shop weren’t top-of-mind enough for consumers to be used regularly.

We were tasked with moving vehicle maintenance from a dreaded task to a convenient service by creating a modern solution to an age-old problem.


Now tires and maintenance come to you. On your time.

Firestone Direct is a mobile automobile service that helps users balance preventative maintenance and their work, family and free time. Whether you are at work, at home or on the side of the road, Firestone Direct offers common, routine repairs whenever and wherever you need them.

Even as the marketplace has adapted to provide more convenient options we found that when maintenance needs arose, car owners didn’t stop to search for a better option—they didn’t know one existed. It was our job to show them one did.


Get Firestone Direct in the hands and minds of consumers by interrupting the maintenance cycle with an alternative solution—mobile automobile service on their terms. In addition to tire repairs, Firestone Direct provides simple but critical maintenance repairs such as oil changes, headlight replacement, wiper blade changes and more.

Even more than introducing a new brand to Firestone consumers, we needed to rewire the habits of consumers to think about auto repair differently.

In order to break through to the consumer and effectively position Firestone Direct as the solution to a universal frustration, we created a brand voice that was equal parts human and witty. We captured photo and video content of real Firestone Direct services solving consumer problems in various locations to be used across social, web and print. The campaign launched in three markets and is set to expand into nine states in 2022.

In addition to a large database of photo and video assets for the brand at large, we shot a short campaign intended to live digitally and quickly communicate the value of Firestone Direct as consumers were ready to book at-home car maintenance because, after all, no one should run your schedule but you.

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