Creating a Brand Identity to Tell the Story of Hudson’s Newest Restaurant

Medusa Brewing Company knows that at the origin of every great brand is a story, which is why the Hudson, MA based brewery came to GS&F before launching their latest endeavor – a restaurant concept designed to invite Hudson residents to experience new flavors together.


GS&F was tasked with creating a distinctive name and logo for the restaurant to boost awareness, create memorability and invite people into the new space.

The challenge: create brand elements that reflected the legendary spirit of the existing Medusa brand while maintaining a distinct identity that wasn’t wholly dependent on the brewery.

Where Medusa had staked its claim as a go-to beer and taco spot with an unruly spirit, the new restaurant concept would become an embodiment of a more refined side of mythology with equal whimsy.


To capture the essence of this new Medusa offshoot and better ground the name in the true character of the space, our team travelled to Hudson to see the grounds.

We found a bright, open mixed-use space with tall ceilings, oak columns and greenery grounded by industrial elements. It spoke to collaboration and connection—a hub for office goers, gym junkies, locals and out-of-towners to connect and indulge over coffee, beer or food.

These elements became the grounds for our naming strategy. We generated over 500 total names that tapped into elements of mythology, ancient language, fable and connection.

The initial objective was to create a name that invited people to enter the welcoming, comfortable and warm atmosphere of the new restaurant, but after visiting we realized it was more than that—there was an element of spontaneity that had yet to be tapped into.


We returned to our pool of names to find those that best harnessed a sense of approachable chaos, ultimately landing on Wild Hare.

The name evoked mischief with a touch of refinement, which informed the creation of the logo as a mascot for the brand.

The Wild Hare logo depicts a refined illustration of a dapper rabbit with a chipped ear and bandaged nose—places where bravery has left its mark. Paired with a classic serif font and Roman numerals, the logo integrates a nostalgic, fabled element that works across murals and menus alike.

The personification of the name invites diners to wander off the beaten path and step into the world of Wild Hare—where good times and unexpected flavors collide.


With a name that speaks to the character of the space and a logo that furthers the story, Wild Hare was ready to launch the new branding on their website and social media platforms to invite Hudson into a quest for unexpected conversations and culinary adventures.

Are you looking to create an iconic brand but unsure where to start? We’ve had lots of practice. Take a closer look at our approach and check out our work.

Illustration by Tom Milner

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