Celebrating Diversity With Bridgestone & The NHL

In Nashville, we’re about much more than country music—we’re also a hockey town. Our client, Bridgestone Americas, serves as a sponsor of another client we love—the Nashville Predators. That means we often get the chance to bring Bridgestone and hockey together in our work. Recently, the Bridgestone team called on us to create a TV spot celebrating their support of the NHL’s diversity initiatives.

The Opportunity

As the title sponsor of the 2021 Winter Classic, Bridgestone had the opportunity to produce a 60-second spot to be aired nationally during the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Games, held the weekend of February 20­–21, 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed a few challenges to in-person production, making it all the more important to act fast, be flexible and stay nimble.

Framing the Message

Bridgestone’s ongoing efforts in building a more inclusive world that celebrates and promotes diversity served as a guiding light for the video’s content. With contributing to society always on their mind as a solutions-based company, Bridgestone intended to use their air time to announce a donation to support the NHL Foundation’s diversity initiative.

This goal dovetailed with a broader NHL strategy to address the lack of diversity and inclusion in the league and to raise awareness of hockey as an option for youth interested in playing sports. Bridgestone’s donation supported youth both locally and nationally, funding a new hockey area for the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation and their local Boys and Girls Club, as well as the Nashville Predators Foundation and its Youth Hockey Diversity program.

Bringing the Vision to Life

To create the spot, we coordinated a shoot with Bridgestone’s CEO, Paolo Ferrari, to lead the announcement.

Throughout the process, trust between our teams and Bridgestone’s was critical. We relied on prompt feedback and increased responsiveness, coming together to get the job done. We all knew there would be no room for mistakes, but when trust is paired with our team of experts ready to take on any challenge quick turns still lead to great work.

By highlighting how Bridgestone’s donation was used, we painted a clear picture of how the company participates in creating new opportunities for youth, builds community support, and ultimately drives positive social change.

That’s a Wrap!

Post-production brought the spot home, and before we knew it the Outdoor Games arrived and the spot was reaching audiences across the country. From start to finish, the project came together in just under two weeks.

During the Outdoor Games viewers saw Bridgestone’s dedication to solutions that help build a more inclusive world for tomorrow’s generations, and we’re proud to support their work toward that important goal.

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