Audience-First and Solutions-Oriented: Driving Results for LP’s Blog

In 2018, LP Building Solutions was in the midst of a transformation. Check out how we came together to implement a new approach and purpose for the LP blog—and the results that came with it.

Crush Your Next Virtual Presentation With These 5 Tips

Just several weeks ago, virtual meetings and presentations were a second-choice, only-if-we-can’t-avoid-it option. Now, they’re the norm. The rules of engagement are different, new, and at times super awkward. But we still have to set the room—even if it’s through Zoom.

Hey Google—How Can Marketers Use Smart Speakers?

Smart speakers are well on their way to becoming a standard fixture in the modern American home. Sales of these devices grew 70% in 2019, which means approximately 200 million smart devices are in homes and businesses all over the world. And if it’s hard to visualize those stats, just think about how even the…

The New Community: Meeting Your Audience Where They Are

In recent months, much of what we know about advertising has been flipped upside down. In a socially distanced world, we’re even more reliant on social media and other digital platforms for community and connectivity.

How to Maintain Office Culture While Working From Home

Maintaining a thriving culture in your organization right now may seem like a low priority. But, as they say, culture eats strategy for lunch. If you hope to weather this storm and come out on the other side strong, a thriving culture will propel you and your business forward.

Staying True to Our Values in Times of Change

At GS&F, our five core values drive everything we do. But as we continue to work remotely, we’ve had to adapt to maintain the culture that helps us thrive. It’s not impossible—it just takes a little creativity!

COVID-19 Recovery Planning for Your Brand

How to protect your brand in a time of crisis and prepare yourself for the new normal.

After the Storm: We Believe in Nashville

As affected communities grappled with the impact of the storms, communities rallied largely through social media. The reality of the storm’s severity spread quickly across social networks, prompting people to connect with loved ones, coworkers and neighbors to check on their safety and offer to lend a hand, both from near and far.

Celebrating International Women’s Day: An Interview With 5 Powerful Women

Here at GS&F we value gender equality, employing an even 50/50 gender split in an industry where men hold 54% of the jobs. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, we sat down with five inspiring women on our team to discuss what gender equality means to them, who inspires them, what advice they have for…

Friends Helping Friends: Disaster Resources

While our hearts are heavy, we look forward to rebuilding together and have compiled a list of ways in which our friends can help. At GS&F, we know we are lucky to live and work in such a strong and united community. Let’s show them why we’re known as “The Volunteer State!”

What Does Award-Winning Work Mean to Us?

Creative advertising awards come around every year—they’re a big part of our industry. But why do we care about awards?