GS&F Names Gregg Boling CEO

As we close out an incredible year of excitement, growth and most importantly, friendship, we are thrilled to announce Gregg Boling as the new CEO of GS&F. This marks a significant moment for the agency and stands for a celebration of our friendship-first culture that was solidified many years ago under the leadership of Jeff Lipscomb and Roland Gibbons.

Celebrating Diversity With Bridgestone & The NHL

Recently, the Bridgestone team called on us to create a TV spot celebrating their support of the NHL’s diversity initiatives. The COVID-19 pandemic posed a few challenges to production, making it all the more important to act fast, be flexible, and stay nimble.

Remote Production: Earning Trust With Jack’s Family Restaurants

We worked with Jack’s Family Restaurants to produce a digital video entirely remotely. With a strong project proposal, detailed planning and a willingness to do things a little differently all around, we did what we always do now—we hopped on a Zoom call.

COVID-19 & Beyond: How PR Elevates Your Brand in Every Season

During the pandemic’s early months, communicating right away—and in the right way—influenced brand perception. Let’s take a look at why PR is critical in both lean times and as a consistent strategy for your brand’s success

GS&F’s Social Media Pros Weigh In on What’s to Come in 2021

Though 2020 brought its own fair share of change and upheaval, social media marketing surged ahead as many relied on digital platforms for connection, shopping and news.

Uncovering Influencer Potential in the Building Industry

When you think of influencers, you might think of clothing, makeup, and home goods—not building products. But that’s changing.

The Art and Science of the Brand Naming Process

At GS&F, we have a proven process and track record for getting to the right name. What makes our process unique is that we start with your business strategy and then work tirelessly to remove subjectivity from the evaluation process.

Onward to 2021: How We’re Adapting and Moving Forward

Having been a largely distributed workforce since March 2020, we are no strangers to the fact that 2020 will forever change the locations, methods and times in which we work.

Making Time for Holiday Self-Care: 5 Friends Share Their Tips

At GS&F, we’re challenging ourselves to make space for the 2020 holiday season. It can’t be canceled; it just has to be redefined. By giving ourselves time to reflect, rest and enjoy the season—even if it looks different than usual—we’ll enter the new year with fresh perspectives, bold thinking and resilience.

Tracking the Trends: Fall & Winter 2020

Let’s take a look at a few of the industry’s latest trends and see how they might impact your brand’s plans.

Brand AMP Spotlight: Eureka™ MDF from CalPlant™

Alongside key stakeholders at CalPlant, we began our proprietary Brand AMP process with an open conversation about the journey to post-harvest rice straw-based MDF. We worked to go beyond this differentiation to leverage CalPlant’s brand authenticity—where their audience’s desires and the brand’s offerings meet.