Never Settle: The Road to Becoming Who We Want to Be

Behind the office doors, a wave of new challenges met virtually every company that returned to office after years of pandemic uncertainty. Between a hybrid work environment and new teammates—some whose careers began mid-pandemic—we’ve become pros at adapting.

Breaking Through in a Functional Category

GS&F has partnered with Delta Dental for nearly 20 years, supporting paid media and creative efforts across several key markets. And as we do with all of our work, we took an audience-first approach to create meaningful connections.

How The Healthcare Industry is Being Transformed

It is no surprise that COVID-19 has put tremendous pressure on the healthcare industry through challenges and shifts in consumer behavior. These, along with the constant desire for transparency amongst consumers, has the healthcare industry overwhelmed with challenges and opportunities.

Diverse Perspectives & Inclusion: The Secret to Audience-First Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become an increasingly important aspect of the marketing mix. It’s an effective way to amplify reach, an efficient way to create content, and an impactful way to create authenticity for brands.

Start Your Engines: Revitalizing a Nashville NASCAR Track

When new track president Erik Moses and his team came to us with a no-fail revitalization project, all leading up to the first NASCAR Cup Series race held in Nashville in over 35 years, we jumped on board immediately. Here’s how we sold out the event—and set the stage for a landmark to make its return.

Content Marketing: Why the Audience Always Comes First

Advertising can often be perceived as product promotion from brand to consumer. Content marketing is reframing this narrative by looking to meet the audience’s needs before ever mentioning a product. Seem backwards? It’s not.

Audience-First and Solutions-Oriented: Driving Results for LP’s Blog

LP Building Solutions was in the midst of a transformation. Check out how we came together to implement a new approach and purpose for the LP blog—and the results that came with it.

Put on Your Pants, Come Into the Office and Watch Your Creativity Return

What does the future of work look like? In office or remote? One thing is for sure: on the tail end of this 15-month unplanned work-from-home experiment, our collective creativity has taken a beating. But on a brighter note, a creative resurgence is nearing.

Put Your Money to Good Youth: How We’re Helping Show Oasis Center’s Impact on Nashville

Oasis Center is a Nashville institution. It’s been around longer than some of us at GS&F have been alive. And since its inception in 1969, it’s made one thing a priority: Providing Nashville youth with resources to help them thrive. In 2021, that’s more important than ever. Following one of the most challenging years on record, youth are dealing with a shared trauma that stalled their school year, upended their identities and made the already-daunting teenage years even tougher.

Trading Tradeshows for Virtual Events With Lochinvar

Lochinvar’s key tradeshow, the 2021 AHR Expo, had been canceled due to continued ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s where we came in, excited to partner with their teams to create a virtual event that stood out from the rest.

A Space for the Journey: A Conversation With Laramey Lawson

Laramey Lawson serves as Executive Vice President, Director of Insights & Engagement at GS&F. After joining the team in 1990, Laramey has created work for almost every client the agency serves. As we celebrate Pride month, we sat down with Laramey to hear his story firsthand. Here’s our conversation.