Audience-First and Solutions-Oriented: Driving Results for LP’s Blog

In 2018, LP Building Solutions was in the midst of a transformation. Check out how we came together to implement a new approach and purpose for the LP blog—and the results that came with it.

Take Chances With a Fiercely Independent Agency

With your brand’s upcoming goals and plans in mind, it may be time to partner with an independent agency—one who can come alongside you, take risks with you and help your brand do more in 2021.

We Hit the Reset Button on Lunch & Learns

GS&Fers work hard and play harder, but somewhere between the hard work and the hard play, we could all use a hard break. Hard Refresh is that somewhere.

Design, Test & Repeat: How We Approach UX at GS&F

Our most forward-thinking clients recognize that the digital ecosystem is constantly changing. As technologies evolve and new competitors emerge, it is important to see digital products as a continuous investment.

Inside a GS&F Tradition: The Great Flag

While it may not be much to write home about at first glance, this homemade cotton-and-poster-paint icon carries serious weight around GS&F.

Tracking the Trends: July and August 2020

With new trends and new ways to reach their audiences, brands must keep a finger on the pulse of what’s in their toolkits on a daily basis. We’ve gathered the top trends for July and August—see how your brand can get in on the social media action.

Leading the Charge: Lochinvar’s Story of Perpetual Innovation

Heritage brands aren’t typically seen as the ones that continually turn their industry on its head. But Lochinvar has always been an industry leader in water heating innovation. We knew telling their story would help illustrate how they stand apart from their competition and why their products are worth it to their audience.

Biscuits and Bologna: Making Jack’s Famous

When we partnered with Jack’s Family Restaurants, we’d already fallen in love with their home cooking that reminds their customers of the kinds of meals their grandmothers used to make. We were tasked with bringing the Jack’s experience to life on the most engaging digital platforms.

An Ear to the Ground: How Social Listening Can Inform Brand Strategy

Social listening is becoming even more critical during times of crisis like COVID-19, when brand perception and audience needs—and even their habits—seem to change minute by minute. Insight gained from social listening can be used to navigate tough times strategically.

The Best Idea Wins: Integrating Teams to Create Bold Work

Working together is a given, but efficiency that results in work that drives change doesn’t always happen. If you don’t work with or have an agency with every step of the marketing process housed together, it’s worth asking whether you’re getting work that does justice to your business goals.

Defining the Agile Process at GS&F

Agile is a big buzzword in the interactive and creative space. When it comes to digital and interactive projects clients and agencies tend to agree that Agile is better, but what that means and how to implement it can be confusing.