Audience-First and Solutions-Oriented: Driving Results for LP’s Blog

In 2018, LP Building Solutions was in the midst of a transformation. Check out how we came together to implement a new approach and purpose for the LP blog—and the results that came with it.

Tracking the Trends: Fall & Winter 2020

Let’s take a look at a few of the industry’s latest trends and see how they might impact your brand’s plans.

Brand AMP Spotlight: Eureka™ MDF from CalPlant™

Alongside key stakeholders at CalPlant, we began our proprietary Brand AMP process with an open conversation about the journey to post-harvest rice straw-based MDF. We worked to go beyond this differentiation to leverage CalPlant’s brand authenticity—where their audience’s desires and the brand’s offerings meet.

From Data to Decisions: An Integrated Agency’s Approach

Partnering with an integrated agency is the perfect way to ensure your data is working as hard as it can. Here’s how we approach using digital insights to drive our work.

How Jack’s Helped Us Reimagine Influencer Partnerships

Our Friends at Jack’s came to us wondering how to approach influencer marketing for their brand. To start, we simply asked why influencers had to be younger millennials.

Hearts First: The Value of a Brand Promise in 2020

When brands define and live by who they really are, they can weather even the toughest storms—and often come out better on the other side.

Evolving a Legacy Application for a New Audience

We designed and developed a mobile app to support IoT-enabled commercial and residential water heaters for A. O. Smith, a global manufacturer of water heaters and boilers. With insight from customers, we built a single app and incorporated unique experiences for each audience in one place.

Built on Trust: 3 Tips to Navigating Meaningful Influencer Partnerships

Influencer marketing should go beyond a sales push and allow consumers to see your brand with integrity and honesty in the real world through a real person giving honest feedback or accreditation. Real-world application and testimonials, especially when they’re on video, are invaluable assets.

Navigating Your Brand’s Civic Duty

How can brands handle this season, remain true to their identities and engage well in this time of political intensity? By focusing on the practice that unites us and gives us all a voice—voting.

How to Use Keywords for Writing Great Content

In previous years, tossing as many search terms into your website’s content was the way to go. Google responded to those efforts and awarded top search results for a quantity-over-quality approach. But not anymore.

Feel the New Sound of Nashville: Launching the Music City Grand Prix

When we first partnered with the Music City Grand Prix to bring IndyCar to Nashville, the organization was still in the planning phase—but they were fueled by the kind of bold idea we love to help bring to life.