Never Settle: The Road to Becoming Who We Want to Be

Behind the office doors, a wave of new challenges met virtually every company that returned to office after years of pandemic uncertainty. Between a hybrid work environment and new teammates—some whose careers began mid-pandemic—we’ve become pros at adapting.


We hope you’ll celebrate the season in GS&F style with our signature cocktail, The Friend & Tonic. It’s locally sourced and always sipped in good company.

Hype It Up: Launching Juice Plus+ Perform

How we positioned a new product for the everyday athlete in a crowded marketplace.

GS&F Names Gregg Boling as CEO

As we close out a year of excitement, growth and friendship, we are thrilled to announce Gregg Boling as the new CEO of GS&F. This marks a significant moment for the agency and a celebration of our friendship-first culture that was solidified many years ago under the leadership of Jeff Lipscomb and Roland Gibbons.

The Heartbeat of GS&F: Our Five Values

Diving into the five core values that drive everything we do.

TikTok & Community Commerce: A New Era of Digital Strategy

As the leader in short form video, TikTok allows marketers to take advantage of the newest form of e-commerce – Community Commerce.

Thinking About our Audiences in an Ever-Changing Environment

Consumer behavior has shifted, yes. But we can’t lose sight of some core fundamentals when thinking about our audiences.

Bringing Excitement to a New Chapter of Predators Hockey

The Nashville Predators have certainly made a name for themselves since they entered the NHL in 1998. Having built up a loyal fan base that brings the energy every game at Bridgestone Arena, it is no surprise that they are primed to bring the excitement to Smashville once again this season.

Revolutionizing B2B Campaigns with Unexpected Media Strategies

While feasible paid media tactics that could effectively reach our vertical B2B audiences were once confined by select audience targeting options, the days of significant limitations are quickly dwindling.

Building Trust With an Alabama Classic

When Jack’s, an Alabama born hamburger joint that’s been a long-time player in southern cuisine, presented GS&F with a menu item that was new to Jack’s but familiar to the plates of southerners, we took an up-close look at the existing and potential customers to inform our strategy.

ESG: The Future of Business is Already Here

Regardless of which industry you work in, the type of products or services you provide, or the size of your business, ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues should be a top consideration for your brand.