How to Interview With Intention—and Snag Top Talent

Let’s face it—interviews and the hiring process can be a grind. The search is worth it when you find an engaging, curious and experienced candidate, but how do you get there?

The Amperseason of Giving, Sharing & Friendship

At GS&F, we don’t just focus on providing results and sharing expertise—we’re Friends who share a passion for community involvement. To celebrate our 40 years in Music City, we put a new, nonprofit spin on our acronym to deliver a charitable campaign with a huge community impact.

Von Elrod’s – Brand Launch Campaign

With bigger beers, bigger flavors and bigger times to be had, Von Elrod’s welcomes friends, families, coworkers and strangers from all walks of life to leave their inhibitions at the door. GO BIG OR MISS OUT We partnered with The Nashville Sign (the “Times Square” of Nashville) to run a series of FOMO-inducing digital billboards…

Everyone was itchin’ to have a little fun at Blake Shelton’s new bar in Nashville

When one of country music’s biggest stars decided it was time to raise the bar on Broadway, we got down to business.

How to Engage Your Brand’s Audience on Facebook

Afraid the latest Facebook algorithm will prioritize baby pictures and family reunions over your branded content? Have no fear, active engagement is here.

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Direct Mail Campaign

In an era of technology, one of the most primitive forms of marketing is still surprisingly leading the way in respect to response rate.

Understanding The Customer Journey – Part II: User Research

Asking the right questions could be what separates a good user experience for your customer from a great one.

PetSafe – Pet Hydration Month Campaign

HERE’S TO HYDRATION PetSafe wanted to educate pet owners on the importance of proper hydration during the sweltering summer months—and sell a few Drinkwell Fountains—by raising awareness for Pet Hydration Month in July. A THIRST FOR THE TRUTH First, we needed to find that one common truth that resonated with our audience. We realized that…

All Work, No Life?

Whether you’re boarding your next flight or growing your family, at GS&F we believe that work-life balance is the key to happy and productive employees.

Millennials: A Love Story

With Gen Z knocking at the door, we take a look back at what we learned from marketing to a social generation.

Understanding The Customer Journey – Part I: Strategy

The GS&F UX department presents a three-part series outlining the customer journey.