Traditionally, the holidays are a time for people to come together in unity, but in the agency world, a new tradition has been on the rise. Christmas is now a time for agencies to stand apart by out-greeting and out-giving one another through innovative holiday cheer.

Revolutionary Technology

This year, GS&F took technology further than ever before, pushing past virtual reality and into the revolutionary space of real reality. We made a card. Out of paper. And ink.

Introducing: The Holiday Card

Driven by data and spiked eggnog, the Holiday Card reached its audience (our clients) where they least expected it – in their mailboxes. With high-quality printing, it easily became the most celebrated gift of the season.

Ultimate Shareability

Sharing the card with friends was as simple as opening your mouth and telling people about it, and for those friends whom people no longer spoke to in real life, the card could be partially opened and propped up for perfect, post-worthy photos to be shared online with #christmasynergy.

Measured Performance

With zero Holiday Cards being returned to the GS&F mailbox, we’re pretty sure engagement was 100% and likely knocked all of our clients’ stockings off. So, yeah, Merry Christmas.

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