An App on the Big Stage

Posted by Erin Holt

It’s basically the Olympics of consumer electronics, the chance for companies from around the world to showcase the latest and greatest innovations in tech. From manufacturers to developers and suppliers of technology hardware and technology delivery systems, it’s almost guaranteed the next big thing is being showcased on the floor of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With more than 150,000 attendees from 150 countries, debuting a product on this Las Vegas stage is a massive opportunity to gobble up some real estate within the $285 billion U.S. consumer technology industry. We might be sitting at our desks in Nashville, but a hotly anticipated app in the home automation industry is a prime example of our agency’s expertise, integration and innovation. Meet Côr™, a smart home automation system from Carrier®, enabling homeowners to secure, control and remotely manage their home’s most critical systems from the convenience of an intuitive mobile app. carrierphotoembedded It’s an app designed by our UX team—led by Vice President of UX Steven Boone—in collaboration with Carrier, United Technologies and Interlogix. “We knew from the outset that debuting this app at CES was part of the challenge, so the team put a lot of care into every little detail knowing that this was going to happen this week,” explained Boone. “They’re all really proud of it, and I’m proud of them.” The system provides homeowners a single solution to easily connect their home’s most important systems: heating and cooling, safety and security. Once set up, users can manage connected devices, view live video of their home from connected cameras and remotely manage access from the system’s app, anywhere in the world. “We have been working on it for about three to four months, which is really a pretty quick turnaround,” said Boone. “The Interlogix team had a prototype of an app that controlled the security system and they were ready to go to the next phase, which is why they came to GS&F.” Understanding the technology that Carrier and Interlogix had to offer added to the challenge of producing this app in time for the big show. “We had to learn everything the system was capable of and then create a better app experience. We tested the design with consumers to get insights about whether we were right or wrong about certain approaches and were able to quickly make changes to get it right for a CES debut,” explained Boone. Creating an innovative, mobile app in four months time required the skills and dedication of a large team, showcasing the power of a truly integrated effort. “To be debuting a product at CES, in what is maybe the hottest category at CES in home automation and to be in that mix with a major brand like Carrier, is very exciting,” added Boone. Next up on our list of tech challenges: a teleportation machine so we can beam ourselves to Vegas for next year.